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How to Manifest Someone: 6 Super Easy Steps to Attract your Soulmate

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Do you want to know how to manifest someone? Here, we show you 6 simple steps to manifest love into your life. 

Is it really possible to use the manifestation process to attract a special person into your life? Manifestation methods are growing in popularity and many people have used them to find their perfect partner. If you’re open about manifestation techniques working for you, you can try the following proactive steps to begin your quest for a thriving relationship. 

If you’re just starting a manifestation journey, let’s first look at what manifesting is.

What Is Manifestation?

Have you heard of the law of attraction? Then there’s a good chance that you already know what manifestation is. LOA works in a way where ‘like attracts like’. For example, if you put out positive thoughts into the universe, you’ll attract the same energy back.

Within manifestation, you’re using your beliefs to create something that doesn’t currently exist in your world. Essentially, you’re taking control of your positive energy to attract the things that you want in life.

Can You Really Manifest Love?

Imagine yourself as a magnet, drawing all the things to you that you’re feeling and visualizing. By planting the seeds of your visualizations into the universe, you can begin to raise your positive energy vibration, helping the process of attracting the type of person you’re searching for. 

Want to know exactly how to manifest someone into your life? Follow the 6 simple steps of manifestation below. 

How to Manifest Someone: A Step-By-Step Process

This attraction manifestation technique will help you to bring an amazing partner into your world.

Unclutter Your Mind

The first step of your manifestation journey is to unclutter your mind. A clear mind prevents negative energy, allowing you to be focused on your goal. For successful manifestation, it’s essential to have as few distractions as possible. 

How to unclutter your mind from negative emotions that are holding you back:

  • Calm your subconscious mind by taking regular deep breaths
  • Make sure you get plenty of sleep
  • Practice meditation, pilates or yoga to help you to stay in the present moment
  • Take a long walk and immerse yourself in nature
  • Journal your thoughts 
  • Talk to a friend or family member to share any worries you have and clear your burdened mind

Once you’ve got into the habit of uncluttering your mind, you can put your manifestation out into the universe. 

Be Intentional About What You Want

The next step in knowing how to manifest someone is to be intentional about your desires.

It’s important to be specific about the type of person you’re manifesting. Ask yourself the following questions:

What does your ideal relationship look like?

What characteristics does your ideal person have? 

Remember, your manifestation journey requires you to maintain a vibrational match. Instead of thinking about how it will happen, focus on what you want your love interest to be like. 


The visualization process helps you to focus on the positive outcomes of your manifestation. Many people use vision boards to create a spiritual connection to their goal. You can physically create a vision board – Pinterest is a great tool for this! Alternatively, you can simply visualize your dream partner in your mind. 

Think about:

What does your romantic interest look like? Are they short, tall, dark-haired, fair?

What type of qualities do they have? Do they have any hobbies? Do they like to spend time with family? What positive emotions do they embrace?

You don’t have to think too deep, but picturing them is a powerful motivator. 

Embrace Your Future Self

Act as though your manifestation has already taken place. What does the future version of you look like? How would you behave in this relationship? Knowing that manifestation is on the way gives you the confidence to behave as you have already met the partner of your dreams. Don’t become preoccupied with your manifestation. Take care of yourself and believe in the power of the universe. 

Align Yourself

When you’ve got to this point, you may discover that your ideal love interest has already presented themself to you. That means you need to align your actions and say yes to the opportunities that are in front of you. Remember to consider your visualization and the ideal qualities that a future partner has. Avoid wasting time with those who don’t match what you truly want. 

Allow It to Happen

When understanding how to manifest someone into your life, you have to acknowledge that your future love may not look like your expectations. Allowing your manifestation to happen means you need to be open to the possibility of opening up your world to someone without being attached to one specific idea. The best romances often come from those with the fewest expectations. They may still meet your ideal qualities, but your potential partner may not be as you completely imagined. 

Raise Your Vibrations

If you’re struggling with how to manifest someone special, you may need to tap into those higher vibrations.

In order for manifestations to arise, you may have to raise your vibrational frequency. Raising your vibrations can help you to manifest quicker. How can we begin to feel great or ‘high vibe’?

  • Read books that make you feel amazing about yourself
  • Watch feel-good films
  • Meet new people that excite you
  • Take up a new hobby
  • Exercise regularly
  • Practice daily gratitude

How to Manifest Love From a Specific Person When You’re Feeling Insecure

How to manifest someone if you have mental blocks that are preventing you from moving forwards.

If you have a deep intention of finding love with a specific person, then there are a few extra steps you can take.

Remove Specific Blocks That Are Holding You Back

If you’ve been previously hurt in a relationship, are feeling rejected, or are still thinking about a past love, you may be holding yourself back. For your manifestation to come to fruition, you need to commit to the idea of finding your dream partner. This means thinking about what you truly want:

  • How do you want to be treated in a relationship?
  • What characteristics bring out the very best in you?
  • What is your purpose in life?
  • What type of person can help you to achieve this?

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can start to truly focus on manifesting love from a specific person. You can then follow the 6 simple steps on how to manifest someone, putting their features and characteristics on a vision board, or having a clear picture in your mind of who you want to meet. Using the ideas to raise your vibrations will help you to feel more positive that the universe will provide what you ask for. 

How to Manifest Someone by Writing

Making manifestations by writing is known as scripting manifestation.

If you want to know how to manifest someone by writing, follow these steps instead:

1. Using a scripting journal or notebook, write down what you want. Be specific about your desires. You can write down what your dream partner’s character is like, what features they have, etc. You can even write down what they smell like. Remember, this is your ideal partner so don’t be afraid to note everything down. 

2. Write down why you want this specific person in your life. This may be something like ‘I want a loving relationship and someone to build a future with’. 

3. Next, imagine the feeling of being with this person. What does your relationship feel like? Write this down as you visualize it in your mind. 

4. Now let it go. Once you’ve written down your manifestation, it’s time to relax. You’ve put your quest out there and you have to wait for the universe to deliver. You can raise your vibrations during this time as this will help you to maintain a positive outlook. 

5. Remember, love may come into your life in a different way than expected. Be open to possibilities. Someone may enter your life and completely blow you away. If they align with the characteristics you’re searching for and are going to treat you in a warm and loving manner, the universe is serving you.

This is The Beginning of A Beautiful Part of Your Life

Now you know how to manifest someone, you can open your heart to the possibility of love.

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